CFG launch fraud prevention guide

As more and more charities fall victim to cybercrime, the Charity Finance Group (CFG) has launched a free guide to help the sector tackle online fraudsters and prevent digital disasters before they can happen. The group says now is an … Continue reading

Private schools to make £522 million tax saving thanks to charitable status

Private schools will make a combined tax saving of £522 million in business rates tax relief over the next five years thanks to their charitable status, research has revealed. Organisations in England and Wales which hold charitable status are entitled … Continue reading

New funds aimed at encouraging volunteers

A new £2 million fund is to be made available to help fund volunteer programmes which benefit early-year development and money management skills. Independent charity, Nesta, which encourages innovation within the UK, has joined forces with the Civil Society to … Continue reading

Charities warned to be aware of new fundraising rules

The Charity Commission has issued an alert to remind charities of changes to the new Charities Act fundraising rules, which came into force in November 2016. The new rules particularly affect: Agreements which must be adhered to when third‑party fundraisers … Continue reading

New HMRC reporting obligation for charities

Charities which provide grants and receive more than half of their income from financial investments in any year, are being advised of the need to inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The Charity Commission has warned charities that receive income … Continue reading