Haslers: specialist services for Charities

Charities work within a complex regulatory regime that can create real challenges around compliance and reporting, at the same time as they seek to maximise resources for their key objectives.

So it makes sense for organisations in this sector to work with experienced professional advisers, whose detailed knowledge and understanding of accounting and tax rules and regulatory and legislative issues can add real value to all aspects of charity operations.

At Haslers, we offer comprehensive accounting, tax and business advisory support that can assist charities and other not-for-profit organisations in improving financial efficiency and management, as well as ensuring compliance.

Our expert advice can make a significant difference to the financial administration and health of a charity or other not-for-profit organisation – freeing more funds for core work – while also supporting them to plan strategically for the shorter and longer term.

Haslers’ specialists advise a number of charities, along with other not-for-profit bodies including churches and synagogues, community groups, members’ associations, independent schools and YMCAs.

We provide a range of services, with a focus on keeping charity finances in the best possible shape and identifying and resolving risk. Our services include:

We also support charities and not-for-profit organisations in building financial planning into long-term strategies for development and growth, using our knowledge of the sector, and our accountancy, business advisory and tax expertise to provide proactive and effective support.

To find out more about Haslers’ East London and Essex-based accountancy, tax and business advisory services for charities, please contact us.